Receipt processing/extraction is a technique which often uses AI enabled OCR to extract meaningful information from a receipt image or a receipt document in PDF format. Those information include shop name, shop addresss, receipt date and time, total amount and currency. Some solutions of receipt processing/extract can also retrieve product line items from the receipt image or document. The product item includes information like product name, price and quantity.

API or Application Programming Interface is a way for two applications or more to communicate with each other. API for receipt processing is a way to get key information of a receipt in a structured format by sending a receipt image or PDF to the supplier of the API for receipt processing.

Receipt OCR is a technique of optical character reader to extract structured information from a receipt, including receipt date and time, shop name and address, total price and currency, and even product line items.

Eagle Doc Receipt processing from S2Tec can process one receipt in only seconds, mostly 2 seconds. The accuracy tested for German receipts can be as high as 94.7%.

We will continuously work on our solution for receipt and invoice processing, to offer our customers constantly improving results.

We respect the privacy of your data. We will only use it to provide you the service of receipt or invoice processing and to improve the service itself. We also offer an option to delete the data right after processing. Please check out our documentation.

All our servers are located in Germany. If you have specific requirements which require servers in other countries, please contact us at:

Invoice processing/extraction, utilizes AI-enabled OCR to extract crucial information from an invoice image or PDF, including vendor details, invoice date, total amount, currency, and line items.

An API for invoice processing allows applications to retrieve structured information from an invoice image or PDF, facilitating seamless communication between systems.