Eagle Doc is a cutting-edge, feature-rich receipt processing API designed to make receipt handling fast and data processing accurate, empowering businesses with efficiency and precision. Our advanced algorithm extracts crucial details from receipts, including shop name, address, product line items, total price, and tax information. The structured data is conveniently available in JSON format, providing everything you need for developing bookkeeping, accounting, travel expense, marketing, and other applications.
Shop Name and Address

Obtain the shop's name and precise address from which the receipt was issued.

Purchase Time and Date

Retrieve the time and date when the receipt was generated.

Line Items

Acquire a detailed inventory of purchased products, including names, prices, and tax information.

Tax Information

Gather detailed tax information pertaining to distinct tax categories.


Read out the total price indicated on the receipt.


Capture the method of payment utilized for the transaction.

Why You Should Use Eagle Doc

Eagle Doc goes beyond providing relevant data for your application. Discover the exceptional features that make Eagle Doc the perfect solution.
Easy to use

Our API integration is easy with well-documented instructions, and our team is always available to provide professional assistance.


Our software offers high-performance capabilities at affordable prices. For tailored solutions, please get in touch with us. We are committed to finding the optimal balance of performance and budget to meet your specific needs.

High Accuracy and Speed

Our algorithm combines processing speed and accuracy. Even in challenging scenarios like wrinkled receipts or low light conditions we reach good results. The average processing time is below 2 seconds.

Customized Solutions

We understand that a "one size fits all" solution may not meet everyone's needs. If you have specific requirements such as exclusive servers, dedicated server regions, data privacy constraints, or need guidance to overcome your unique challenges, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Real time response

Our streamlined system achieves an average processing time of just 2 seconds per receipt, ensuring efficient and rapid handling of your documents.


We highly value your data privacy. We solely utilize your data for the purpose of providing receipt processing services and enhancing our service's quality. Our API even includes an option to delete your uploaded data right away.

Multi Language

Our service offers comprehensive language support, including German, English, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, and more. If you have a specific language requirement that is not currently supported, please reach out to us, and we will be happy to assist you.

Multi Currency

Our platform offers support for a diverse selection of global currencies, including popular options like EUR, USD, GBP, AED, and others.


We are here to assist you in creating an exceptional application for your customers. Feel free to contact us for help or if you have any questions.


Test our demo applications and discover how our software can benefit you.
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We believe in a pricing structure that's both user-friendly and transparent. That's why we're providing an initial analysis of 100 receipt pages at no cost. After that, it's a nominal fee of just 0.03 € per extra page.

Should your needs involve high receipt volumes, unique server demands, geographical preferences, or specialized features, please contact us.

If you already have a subscription, you can manage it here: Portal

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