What is Finance Document OCR?

Finance Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition) extracts data from both invoices and receipts. It automatically classifies the document types into receipts or invoices. For each document type, the relevant fields will be extracted. For example, invoices have fields like bank infos and customer infos while receipts do not have. This technology replaces manual data input with a seamless, swift, and precise digital process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Besides, you do not need to differentiate between invoices and receipts. Eagle Doc Finance Document OCR will do it for you.

finance document batch processing - end to end


Eagle Doc Document Classifier: Receipt, Invoice, Credit/Debit Memo, Delivery Sheet, Purchase Order, Offer

Automatically Document Classification

Eagle Doc Finance Document OCR automatically classifies documents into receipts or invoices. This feature eliminates the need for manual classification, saving time and effort.

Comprehensive Field Coverage

Eagle Doc Invoice OCR offers comprehensive field extraction from invoices. It captures all essential data points for your business, eliminating the need for additional steps like manual data labeling or model training.

  • More than 60 distinct fields
  • Array of product line items
  • Detailed tax breakdowns
  • And more...
Missing a specific field? Reach out to us, and we'll gladly accommodate your needs.
extensive coverage of extracted fields from Eagle Doc Invoice OCR
Cross-checks between fields to deliver results you can trust and infer missing information from original invoices

Cross Check and Inference

Using advanced cross-field analysis, Eagle Doc ensures data integrity and fills in gaps by intelligently validating and reconstructing information from original invoices.

  • Cross check and inference among language, currency, date format, city and country
  • Cross check and inference among product prices, total price and tax items
  • Cross check and inference among unit price, quantity and product price
  • And more...

Extraction of Tax Information of Products

Eagle Doc Invoice OCR delves into details to uncover hidden tax information for products on invoices. It extracts tax information for each product line item. This feature is particularly useful for businesses that need to keep track of tax information for each product.

Even when only tax label is available, Eagle Doc Invoice OCR can still extract the tax percentage, by checking tax labels.

Eagle Doc Invoice OCR delves deep into invoices to uncover hidden tax information for individual products
Eagle Doc Invoice OCR supports any currency and 40+ languages

Broad Localization

  • Any Currency
  • 40+ languages
For full list of supported languages and currencies, please check our documentation.

Unmatched Accuracy --- 95%+

Eagle Doc meticulously evaluates the confidence levels of its extractions. By leveraging fine-tuned Language Models (LLMs) to refine low-confidence results, it achieves exceptional accuracy. This approach maintains efficiency and cost-effectiveness by only utilizing LLMs when necessary.

  • Superior precision in data extraction
  • Cost-efficient operation
  • Overall swift processing times
  • Elimination of LLM related problems such as hallucinations and security vulnerabilities
  • No additional cost
Isn't that impressive?
high accuracy and reliability with Eagle Doc invoice OCR, supported by integration of matchine learning and LLM

Connect your app to Eagle Doc easily with our REST API. Just send your invoice images or PDFs to the Eagle Doc Invoice OCR endpoint. For more API details, take a look at our Invoice OCR Documentation.

Easy to Use

In addition to all the features, Eagle Doc Receipt OCR is designed to be super easy to use. You don't need to worry about any configurations or training. Just send us the receipt images or PDFs, and we will take care of the rest.

No Templates
No Training
No Configurations

How does Finance Document OCR from Eagle Doc work?

Eagle Doc Finance Document OCR leverages different approaches, including combining knowledge-based machine learning with fine-tuned large language models (LLMs) to deliver superior market performance. This integration harnesses the rapid processing capabilities of knowledge-based machine learning alongside the contextual comprehension strengths of LLMs, providing our users with an unparalleled experience. This advanced technology design ensures that Eagle Doc Finance Document OCR delivers both speed and accuracy while avoiding common disadvantages associated with LLMs, such as hallucinations and the risk of prompt injections.

Connect your app to Eagle Doc easily with our REST API. Just send your invoice/receipt images or PDFs to the Eagle Doc Finance OCR endpoint. Our algorithm reads the text using OCR, classify the documents and pulls out all the important info from the invoice/receipt, including total amount, shop name, product details, and more. The system gives you the results in a structured way in JSON format, ready to use in your app. Check out the simple data flow below.

Process flow for Invoice/Receipt OCR processing

For more details, take a look at our Finance OCR Documentation.

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