How to use Eagle Doc Invoice OCR

Eagle Doc Invoice OCR enables the accurate extraction of vital details from photos, scanned documents, or digital invoices, elevating the operational efficiency of your invoice processing application.

We continually refine the algorithm's performance. While the interface retains its current form, there will be no adjustments to the API version. However, distinct version numbers will be evident in the 'version' field of the JSON response.


We currently operate one server in Frankfurt, Germany. This server is supported by a load balancer, allowing it to scale smoothly based on the workload. If you require a dedicated server or specific location, please get in touch with us.


Invoice Processing Endpoints

Management API version 1 (v1)
Name Description
api-key (header) API key which you will receive with your subscription here
Code Description
200 OK is returned to indicate that the command was successful.
Field Name Description
quota If a quota is in place, it will be shown here. Quotas can either be fixed, like 100 requests included in a package, after which no more requests can be made. Alternatively, you might have a flexible contract where extra requests are billed separately
quotaUsed Shows how many times a request was made. If receipts have multiple pages, each page counts as one request
activeMonth Displays the corresponding month for which this quota is applicable
                                    "quota": 10,
                                    "quotaUsed": 7,
                                    "activeMonth": 9
403 BadCredentialException is used to indicate that for example the API key is not valid.
500 InternalServerErrorException is used to indicate that something went wrong. Reason is not known.